Saturday, 20 January 2007

We are going organic

We have decided switching to organic food. This means eating mainly organic vegetables and meat but not freaking out if not 100% of what we eat is not organic.
The first thing that we have noticed is that organic food is more expensive but also a lot more tasty. The main reason for switching to organic food has been because it seems that is healthier, specially for babies. Organic vegetables contain much less residues of pesticides than conventional vegetables and also contain more vitamins and minerals. Organic meat contains less residues of antibiotics and growth hormones than conventional one. To keep it short, organic food is supposed to contain more of the good stuff and less of the bad stuff. Kids and babies are more affected by the "bad stuff" than adults because they are growing and their metabolism goes much faster than that of an adult.

However, there is quite some debate about the organic food being better than the conventional one. Many scientists and laboratories claim there is nothing wrong with conventional food. I think the best thing that one can do before making a judgement is have a look to what is said in favour and in detriment of organic food. Just type in a search engine "benefits of organic food" or read the entry at the Wikipedia (it is really good) and the articles referred in it. My particular view is that it is quite clear to me that it cannot be worse than conventional food and it is much tastier.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a fabulous idea for your entire family! Baby will even benefit from organic through mother's milk!

24 January 2007 at 04:40  

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